Sunday, September 21, 2014

WHAWHA WHAT! Canon and the 7d Mark 2

Hey, I'm not gonna knock Canon and the brand, However I have a few opinions about all this buzz going around about the release of Canons newest beast the 7d M2 . Five years ago, there was a lot of hype about the original 7d and owning this body myself, I can tell you that it is a great camera, but like most cameras, the 7d had it's limitations. One thing I can tell everyone is everybody I have owned has been pushed to the edge of it's capabilities and learning what the 7d was able to do has been a lot of fun. Now with the release of the mark 2 I have read several articles and one thing is common in all these articles. It promises to be an incredible camera and they all point out the features that this crop sensor camera has to offer. Now I expect that Canon will do well with the release of this body, but as far as me hoping on the band wagon and running out to upgrade this body, well I don't expect to be an owner nor am I really excited. Here's why. First off the original 7d had a ton of buzz around it, and granted it has been one of Canons best bodies, however there are certain aspects that left a little to be desired such as ISO noise, although better than previous models you still get noise beyond acceptable levels when shooting at higher ISO's with a 7d. In addition the auto focus system proves to be inaccurate at times and even though I use a back button focus on my unit, it does not always track the subject as tightly as I think it should. One other thing and I don't want to put to much bearing on this, bit the Mega Pixel's are kind of a thing for me. Yes Canon, your cameras take nice pictures, but are you aware, how you biggest competitors have stepped up the game in MP amount in there consumer units. 36, 42, and I have even seen one that is in that 80 mp range. The M2 is boasting a 20mp sensor and that's getting in  the range of a 5dm3, which is supposed to be the best seller in the product line. I don't  want to be a spoiler here, but let's take a look at Nikon and what they offer in class.

In short, and ok, there is a whole bunch of buzz about this newest body, and you can bet the images that are produced with that body will be a definate improvement over the previous, but is it worth the $2000.00 price tag for a mildly better image capture. Well that is something you are gonna have to decide. Me, well I don't have any plans to run out and part with the jacks for a 2mp upgrade and 3 more frames a second. Seems I can invest that money in a wiser place.

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