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First off follow this link, watch this video and lets have a chat. Or at least I will serve up my opinion on this newest campaign by the PPA.
So if you watched the video, then I guess you may have some thoughts on this topic. Well so do I.
A few years ago I was a member of this organization, and the main reason I was, I thought based on the information I was given, it would help land me some work and give me some legitimate claim that I was possibly a pro shooter. Well the reality of this happening was based on some bad information and now that I have seen this video, I have some mixed emotions on the topic. First off I have been a big voice when it comes to what I like to call the Walmart Photographer. These are the people who walk into any store and walk out with a thriving photo business but have no idea how to operate that expensive piece of plastic and glass they just purchased. In short everyone who owns a camera these days is a photographer and I will agree that it is really easy for people to get seduced by the low prices of these types of photographers. Thus enter the term" Think hiring a Pro is expensive, just wait till you hire an amateur". In this modern world of digital photography one of the greatest assets is the use of editing software to enhance our images, but as shocking as it is many of these so called pros don't have editing capabilities. I will however make this point, editing software will make a good photo better but no software in the world will make a bad photo better.

Back on point. The PPA and this video somewhat pisses me off, for one reason. Based on my experience, I will ask the question that needs to be asked.. Who in the hell do they think they are? What, are they the standard when it comes to professional photography? I don't think so. In fact lets lay this out. When you become a member, the first question you have to ask is, What are the benefits of being part of this. In my opinion the cost of membership really outweighs the benefits of being a member and now that they feel they are the standard, I am simply shaking my head, because all of a sudden and based on this video, they feel that the consumer should only hire a photographer if they are a member of the PPA.. I call horse pucky on this. Lets be clear, some of the top shooters in the world ignore this group and for very good reason. The biggest being, why do I need to be a member of this org when I have been shooting for years, and my body of work is so large that the work speaks for itself, and I don't need to have the approval of the PPA to be a pro. Nor do I need the title Certified to prove my work is excellent.
I will however agree that a standard need to be put in  place and I think the answer is simple. Consumers need to educate themselves when in search of a photographer. The fact is everyone with a camera is a photographer and like I said, it is really easy to get hooked by a low price. So my suggestions here is real simple. If you are looking, educate yourself. Check out the photographers work before you even make that phone call. Get an idea of the photographers style, and once you do this, then call for a consult. I myself will often times refer people to others so I know that they understand the differences in shooting styles, personalities , and services. In short I want to be dealing with an educated consumer and in the words of Sy Syms, you will find that is your best customer.

In summary, I am not going to knock down the PPA but I will state that the mere thought of them being a standard of excellence in photography is laughable to me. I refer to Google and the photographers who use this social platform to display works they produce. Most of them all have the same opinion as I, and feel that they do not need certification or membership to produce incredible images. Once again I will state, consumers educate yourself . Look at the work, because that is the real certification of excellence.
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