Sunday, July 19, 2015

Review of Peak Design Products

Recently, I decided I needed some new toys to play with. When I say toys I mean accessories. Being out in the field so much I decided to take a look at some of the issues I have while shooting, and see if there was anything I could get that would help me solve these problems.
The first notable problem I had, was wearing the camera around my neck. It works, but after a long day, that strap provided with my camera, became annoying and believe it or not, I hated how the camera swung from side to side while walking. So I took a look at two products. Peak Designs Capture Pro Clip, and The Slide.
I will start off by saying, MY HATS OFF! The Camera clip is extremely useful.Clip Video I simply attach it to my belt, or the strap of my backpack and SHABANG!!!! We have free hands. What has impressed me the most, is the thought put into this clip. The base of this clip is ARCA tripod compatible and fit like a glove into my ball head. Another little neat thing I found, if you ordered more than one product like I did, you can also mount the base of that product, to the capture pro clip and use the entire unit on a tripod. Pretty forward thinking in my opinion. On to the Slide. This neck strap, is outstanding.
It converts from a neck strap, to an over the shoulder sling as well as a head and arm rig. The adjustments are quick and easy, and when carrying over the shoulder, you simply flip the strap over to the side with gripping material and it stays where placed. In addition, the camera is not subject to flopping around while you walk. It stays right in place, while walking, just above your hip. When I reached for my camera, the entire harness slide across my body, allowing me to quickly position myself for the shot. The quick release system, is also pretty cool. A push and slide and your disconnected. A handy option if you don't want the strap in your way when mounting on a tripod. I also ordered a product called the CLUTCH. This is a hand grip that allows you to carry your camera but it does not interfere with the controls of the camera. That feature is the key selling point, however the only fault I could find with this, is the strap locking mechanism does not stay in place. It does loosen up, however I found that there is no danger of dropping the camera. This could be a blessing of sorts, as it does allow you to remove your hand quickly if need be. The other con with this. Peak Designs quick connect tabs connect to the clip mounted on the bottom of the camera, and if your only option of mounting is that clip is on the base, it somewhat interferes if you use the Camera Clip to carry on your backpack strap or belt. I feel that based on the options available this is a very small problem considering most of us would ensure our cameras are placed correctly in a device like this.
Shooting with a battery grip I have the option of a separate mounting point for the connection and I took advantage of this. In short, this was not a problem for me.
In Summary, I am giving Peak Design the thumbs up. You guys have done an outstanding job creating outstanding products that are practical, and simply work. I cant wait to see whats next from Peak Design..
I'm hooked!!!!

Peak Design did not pay or offer any sort of compensation for my endorsement or review. The products reviewed were purchased by Michael Sargent and or Michael Sargent Photography and field tested by the above named individual in actual shooting situations.

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